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My Skincare Routine

Saturday, October 6, 2012
Alright, ladies, let’s talk about our skin for a moment. To me, my skin is one of my most important features. It not only is a canvas for my makeup, but it’s one of the first things that people notice about me. Granted, not all people are freaks like I am and immediately notice people’s actual skin, but your face is what everyone looks at. Then of course your boobs, but your face first!

I've always been a follower of beauty gurus on YouTube as well as beauty bloggers, and I’m always interested in what they use for everything. That being said, I've tried products upon products for skincare, and nothing was working the way that I wanted it to. I've been fortunate enough to have pretty normal skin, even complexion, and only cursed with monthly breakouts..Ladies, you know what I mean. So thankfully I don’t have to do a lot to my skin, but I like to keep it looking clear, bright, and fresh. I've finally found a routine that has been consistently working for me, so I thought that I would share it with you.

I’m not an esthetician, this is just what has helped me, and just products that I recommend based on my experience. My wallet is also pretty happy that I've found good quality drug store products!


Let’s rundown everything that’s pictured (I’ll also be efficient and name them in the order of use!):

  • Sonia Kashuk’s ‘Remove’ Eye Makeup Remover
Removing my eye makeup is always my first step. Being that I wear a lot of it, I like to remove it before cleansing my face. This is by far the best eye makeup remover that I have found. The bottle says ‘This fresh-as-water eye makeup remover activates when shaken to gently whisk away waterproof eye makeup while conditioning and refreshing the skin. This non-irritant sting-free formula is ideal for contact wearers and even those with the most sensitive eyes’. The ingredients separate until use, the directions tell you to shake it to activate them..I like that because it’s fun to watch. Not only is it gentle and safe for contact users (I can’t tell you how many times I've gotten remover in my eye while I have contacts in, and thought that my eye was going to fall out. When I get this stuff in my eyes, it just feels like water), but it completely removes any trace of your eye makeup. On a daily basis, I use MAC’s Fluidline in Black Track, as well as 2 different kinds of waterproof mascara. That shit is hard to get off..I might as well have drawn on my eyes with a Sharpie. This completely removes it, and leaves my eyes happy. It retails for around $11.00 at Target.
  • Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser – For Normal to Oily Skin
The second step after removing my eye makeup, is obviously cleansing my face. If you don’t know about Cetaphil already, please educate yourself and go pick up a bottle. If you’re one of the few people who hates it and it doesn't work for you, I am truly sorry. This is the best cleanser that I've found in years! It’s extremely gentle on my skin, but also gives it that squeaky clean feeling. I do this step twice. Once to remove my makeup, and then a second time to actually cleanse my face. If you don’t already do this-please start! If you wash your face just the once, only to remove your makeup, you’re not really cleaning it! There’s a trick that I've learned to the one that’s suited to your skin type! I bought the Sensitive skin formula once, and it didn't work the same. This ‘trick’ actually applies for every brand of face wash out there. If you don’t know what kind of skin you have, it’s pretty basic.. There’s Normal, Oily, Dry, and Combination. Don’t forget to actually read labels! Find a face wash that does what you need, and make sure it’s for your skin type! I have friends that come to me saying they’re breaking out, and most of the time it’s because their skin is too sensitive for the harsh medicated stuff that they’re using. I've been using Cetaphil for over 4 years, and my skin always looks great. I won’t start using anything else any time soon. (Unless something new comes out and I want to try it, because I’m weird like that). Again, this can be found at any drugstore and retails for around $8.00-12.00, depending on which size bottle you get.

  • CeraVe Moisturizing Cream
Last step is moisturizing, which I also think is the most important step! Like I said, I don’t have dry skin, but I’d like to always keep it that way. Using a moisturizer on a regular to daily basis can also aid in improving the look and quality of your skin. They’re pretty much made to hold moisture in your skin and depending on what ingredients are in them, fill spaces in your skin cells which eventually improve the appearance of your skin, and help with signs of aging. Again, just like face washes, they have moisturizers for every skin type. Someone with dry skin isn't going to want to use the same kind of lotion as someone with oily skin.

I found CeraVe a few months ago, after spending over an hour in the aisle reading product labels. One of the things that I liked about it was that it was developed with dermatologists. It’s non-comedogenic and non-irritating..I don’t want a face lotion that smells like anything or has a ton of ingredients in it that I don’t need. This lotion helps repair and restore your skin’s natural protective barrier. It has all of those fancy things like ceramides, humectants, and emollients I was talking about earlier that are meant to replenish the skin cells and keep your skin looking and feeling healthy. Another thing that I like about it is that it’s thick. No, not the gross “Ew, it feels like I have 3 layers of makeup on my face” thick, but the good kind of thick..the “I can tell I actually have lotion on my face, it’s all smooth and shit”. That kind. It’s also safe to use on other dry body parts-elbows, knees, etc. The only thing that I don’t like about it so far is that it doesn't have any kind of SPF in it that I can find on the label. My foundation has an SPF though, so it’s not that big of a setback for me. Always keep SPF on your face, keep the leather bag look for your..well, your bags. Overall, I’m happy with it and how it’s improved the quality of my skin in such a short time. You can find it at any drugstore, and I honestly can’t remember how much I paid for it. From a simple Google search, it looks to be in the $11.00-14.00 range.

  • Freeman ‘Feeling Beautiful’ Avocado and Oatmeal Facial Clay Mask
Once a week, I will do a deep clean of my face with this clay mask. I tend to do it on Fridays in case it does bring any breakouts to the surface..I can have the entire weekend to clear them up. This isn't a necessary step. I mainly do this because I like having a green face for about twenty minutes. Really though, it does purge any gunk from your pores, which can get pretty disgusting if you let them. It basically draws out any excess dirt and oil from your skin. Another good product for this are those pore strips, which are just as good.

Masks are fun! Try different ones out, treat yourself to a “Spa Night”. The Freeman brand of facial masks are again at most drug stores. The 6 oz. bottle that I have retails for around $4.00. They also have samples of their different kinds (All are available in the full size, if you decide that you like it), that retail for $1.99, I think. It will get you about two uses, enough to decide if you like it.

That’s it! That’s all I do. I do it twice a day, except for the mask of course, morning and night. It seems like a lot because I have a tendency to go into descriptions and off on needless tangents, but whatevs! If you leave with anything from this post, leave with this: Read labels. Do your research on products. Don’t get something because it’s the ‘popular’ thing to use, Unless it works of course! Remember too that you don’t always have to spend a butt load to get a quality product. Take care of your skin. You only get one face..Unless you have plastic surgery, then I guess technically you can get more than the one.


  1. I've always been incredibly fussy when it came to skin care, I've tried so many products and used to have a very complex regime.

    But - things have changed recently as I was diagnosed with adult acne (which sucks!). So, my routine is now pretty much - splash of water, sunscreen and moisturiser (royal jelly and oils) for the morning, then Witch-hazel wash followed by Duac (for the spots) in the evening.

    It's very toned down from what I used to do, but amazingly it's been working for me!

    I love reading other people's approaches to skin care though (so loved this post!)

  2. Oh snap! I barely made a post about skin care too! nice! I like to read other girl's skin care routines :)

    I love Freeman's masks! :D I'm sure i'll enjoy your blog quite a lot! I'm following you :)

    Please visit mine :D

    I hope we can be blogging buddies :)

  3. I already use Cetaphil, but now you're making me want to go out and get the Sonia Kashuk eye makeup remover...considering currently I sit around with a warm washcloth over my eyes and rubrubrub until all the mascara/eyeliner comes off, lol.
    Also tempted to get the CeraVe. I have a day moisturizer with SPF...Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture, but I need something for nighttime (obviously I don't need the SPF at midnight, lol).

    1. Haha, Aw! Definitely give them a try if you're thinking about it, or in the market for new products. I LOVE them. They both last a LONG time too. I've only replaced the remover once, and I've yet to even get to the middle of the tub of lotion.


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