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FIRST IMPRESSION: CG Bombshell Volume Mascara

Thursday, January 16, 2014

I’ve been hearing a lot about this Cover Girl Bombshell Volume Mascara, so when I saw it at Target the other day, I decided to pick it up.

I tried it for the very first time yesterday and decided to throw together a first impression for all of you. I put it to  the ultimate test…a day of work at Sephora.

Hold on. Let’s rewind for a second, so that I can tell you a little bit about this mascara…

The product itself is a dual sided mascara. There are two different steps, two different formulas, and two different applicators—one promising to add volume to your lashes while the other intensifies them.

Step 1: This is the “extreme volume basecoat” side of the product. Not to disappoint, it has the typical lash blast wand on this end…the larger and rubber-like ones. I’m not a huge fan of this type on wand on mascaras, but I digress…

This end did indeed add volume to my otherwise sad and droopy eyelashes, without making them clumpy, although it wasn’t any different than volume I get from some of my other favorite mascaras.

Step 2:This is where things got clumpy. This second step is the intensifying formula. You’re supposed to be able to add as many coats as desired, and it not only intensifies the volume that step 1 gave, but it also intensifies the black color of your lashes. I applied about two coats of this and you can see my results here:

Untitled-2(Sorry for the poor quality of the after photo, the flash on my phone is very whitening/brightening, but you get the idea)

While I was impressed with the results, I’m not that much of a clumpy lashes fan. I do like a little bit of clump to my lashes, because I do think that it makes them appear fuller, which my lashes without product are not. I learned from that though and will probably only apply one coat of each in the future.

Here are some small (but important) things that I noticed from my first wear of this product.

  • While I didn’t see anywhere on the box that it was waterproof, it held up all day/night without running or giving me raccoon eyes.
  • It didn’t flake one bit throughout the time I wore it.
  • The black is INTENSE. I loved the color.

I also had several people throughout the night ask me what lashes I had on, and become amazed when I said they were my real ones.

I have noticed one major con about this mascara, IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO REMOVE. I’ve heard and seen this complaint from several other beauty bloggers and vloggers. I used my best waterproof eye makeup remover on my lashes, and I still have some of the product stuck to my lashes today. 

If you decide to try this mascara—let me know what you think!


  1. Thanks for the review. I've been wanting to try it out but it seems to do what my other cover girl mascara does.

  2. I think I might have to try this out. I want intense eyelashes. Did you try using coconut oil to take off the mascara? That always takes mine off.

    chevrons & anchors


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