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Juice Cleanse: Day 2

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Last night was hard for me....around 7 pm, I decided that I was literally starving. I started feeling dizzy and thinking about sneaking downstairs to the kitchen to eat anything that I could find. Instead, I took a hot shower, got a big glass of water, and went to sleep. I had to convince my mind that I was NOT going to eat. The hunger was completely in my head. My stomach felt fine, full even. I knew that this would be a struggle though.

This morning I slept in, again. When I woke up I felt exhausted. I didn't want to get out of bed, I also had a slight headache and my stomach was growling. I did notice though, that my stomach feels lighter, if that makes sense. As someone who has struggled with weight and over eating, it was a very strange feeling for me. (Upon weighing myself this afternoon, I found that I was down 12lbs, I’m assuming that it’s water weight—which explains the light feeling that I was having in my stomach).

I decided that I would make the same breakfast juice that I had yesterday, the Sunrise Juice, which is 4 Carrots, 1 Beet and 2 Oranges.

I made myself two green juices, my lunch and dinner juice after breakfast. I’ve found that it’s a lot easier on me to make certain juices in bulk. Cleaning the juicer after making six different juices consecutively yesterday was so much work.

As I said yesterday, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Mean Green Juice that I made. I decided to tweak it a little bit and it was DELICIOUS. I’m so glad because that was a big problem for me, I woke up this morning dreading the green juice.


(This will make you two 16oz juices—so adjust accordingly)

  • 1 Handful of Spinach
  • 1 Handful of Kale
  • 2 Lemons
  • 4 Green Apples
  • 1 Large Cucumber
  • 2 Pears

I didn’t add celery because that was the problem with the Mean Green, the strong celery flavor, I wasn’t feeling it. This one tastes more like lemonade, which is much more enjoyable. IMG_20140102_162055For my Afternoon Snack juice, I made the Sunrise juice, but added pineapple (the picture on the right is my afternoon snack juice). I still have two more juices to drink today, my dinner juice which will be more of my delicious green juice and then a dessert juice.

I’m hoping that tonight will be easier on me than last night.

I am feeling more energized than I was this morning and I just have an overall good feeling. I’m surprised that I haven’t had any real detox symptoms, with the exception of the headaches. I was worried because I’ve heard so many people talking about being extremely dizzy, nauseated, and…on the toilet pretty much the first two days.

Tomorrow is day three! I’m excited to see how I feel. Thank you to all of you following along with me!


  1. I love the color of the juices! How does the beet taste?


  2. I don't think that I really taste it? I'd never had beets before so I don't know what they taste like, but the juice is sweet.

  3. Tomorrow is when you will feel fab I am sure! At least that is how I felt and I have heard others experienced the juice cleanse :) I recommend adding spirulina if u want a vegan source of protein at all in your juices.
    Good luck for the remainder of your cleanse!

  4. Great job on 2 days! I'm a juice cleansing coach and specialize in compulsive eating and it's wonderful you're realizing a lot of the hunger is in your head. Your juices look awesome and by the way, you might consider doing some colon hydrotherapy -- it can greatly help with giving you lots more energy and feeling better!

  5. I love following along with stuff like this- so inspiring! I would love to try juicing but I can already see myself growing tired of it quick and bailing. Good luck, you're off to as great start!! :)


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