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Juice cleanse: Day 5!

Sunday, January 5, 2014


When I started this cleanse, I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into. At first, I wasn’t doing it to lose any weight or anything like that. I had been getting sick a lot recently, and I just wanted to reboot my system and get back on track.

I had seen Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead almost a year ago, and it did inspire me to go on a juice fast for weight loss purposes, but a juicer has never been in my budget. I was so thankful to my Mom for purchasing me one for Christmas.

I wasn’t prepared for, nor did I expect, the significant change in my mood, body, and mind. I’m not even able to properly describe it. My mind has just been clearer, I haven’t been as lethargic and lazy, and my body just feels lighter.

I made my normal juices today. I woke up feeling amazing, no cravings all day. Today was definitely the best day out of the 5. Maybe because I know that it’s the last day? We’re supposed to get an ice/snow storm tonight, so right after I finished at work, I went to the grocery store and picked up a few things to eat tomorrow. That is so weird to say, I get to EAT tomorrow. It will be my first meal of 2014! I know that, coming off of the cleanse, you’re supposed to only eat things that would go into the juice. While I will do that, I also picked up some chicken breasts and tilapia fillets that I will be eating.

I’m hoping that this cleanse will be the boost I need to get my eating right and healthy back on track!

With all of that said, I am officially down 10 lbs since I started this juice cleanse on Wednesday. I plan on incorporating at least one juice into my every day routine, because they’re just damn good.

I did not think that I would be able to complete this, honestly. I had days that were great and days that weren’t so great, and I just wanted to drive my hungry ass to the nearest drive through. I’m so glad that I stuck it out, though. I am extremely proud of myself.

I can’t wait to see how good I continue to feel with the juices in my every day life.

Thank you to all who followed along with me with this cleanse and these recaps, I know that I haven’t been the best blogger in the world, and I appreciate all of you who read and commented on these recaps. :)

Here’s to a great new year!


  1. I can't wait to do my juice cleanse after I'm pregnant! I always feel great after I do them!! Good job girl :)

  2. congratulations on finishing! i got a blender for Christmas and I've been using it to make healthy smoothies and having one of those just about every day!

  3. Congrats, girl! I've always wanted to try a juice cleanse and plan on giving one a go when we move back to the states this coming summer. I hear the benefits far outweigh the grouchiness they cause! HA! Kudos to you! :)

  4. Congrats on finishing, that's awesome!

  5. I never thought of juicing before. The idea has anyways seemed kind of drastic to me. Also, I never really heard anyway say that the juice they made tasted good. I thought it was just one of the those things uber healthy people forced themselves to do to stay skinny, kind of like drinking those really awful protein shakes. Your experience has peaked my interest though and I think I'm going to give it a whirl!


  6. Awesome job!! Juice cleanses are so great to set us off in the right direction, and continuing to drink some juice every day even when not cleansing is one of the healthiest habits!


  7. Although some of the juices I could never do this is incredible! I plan to do it once I'm done breastfeeding!! I was loving all the photos you posted! 10lbs is amazing:)

  8. Great job Girl!! I wish I were strong enough to put myself into a juice clease... I know I need something to reboot my system. Lately I have put on a few kilos and I've been feeling so tired everyday, I need to do something about it. But, I'm really happy for you Brandi :)


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